Thursday, 25 December 2008

Christmas day 2008 is almost...

history and the media around the world has been mellow or silent on this day.However, by morning on Boxing Day, readers and viewers will be treated to the usual fair of sensational news items, or at least controversial subjects to stir up reader interest. One can count on The Guardian in the UK for leading the way. First,they publish the full "Christmas message " to the world of Ahmadinejad. As if, next to the messages of queens and statesmen around the world, the Iranian crackpot would be of some significance. Then, having insulted the Britts and sundry they have a lunatic salivating on the prospects of going after key figures of the US administration as they hand over the reigns to the new president on January 2oth. A controversial journalist, (Bring Home the Revolution:the Case for a British Republic), Jonathan Freedman is agitating for a "reckoning" of Bush and "his cronies". He is aghast over the treatment of the innocents at Gitmo and advises key members of the US admimistration not travel abroad as they surely would be arrested by justice seekers like Freedman.
Lefties the world over first try to bring about a "revolution", failing that they latch onto cases of "crimes" against humanity.
Only one thing is common to all of these Freedmans and shoe-throwers: they are all living in free democracies.