Wednesday, 10 December 2008

The alleged sale of the US Senate seat...

and the other disturbing news of the day: Italy bails out ailing parmigiano cheese makers. While the soap-opera quality of the latest news from Chicago merits , at least, a disapproving frown, the plight of Italian Parmesan makers is first-rate drama that ought to deeply disturb pasta lovers around the globe! And we are numerous. Imagine, one day finding no Parmesan cheese on your favorite supermarket's shelves! There is no more Parmesan, all producers are in Chapter 11, outcome of court supervised production of the dairy delicacy is in serious trouble. No harsher fate can be imagined to decent pasta lovers, everywhere.
However, the present Italian government is to be complemented on fast action saving Parmesan promoters, at least for now, by buying up and distributing to charities some 100,000 wheels (77 pounds each) of the golden delicacy.
No messy fight on the floors of congress, no partisan party politics, when it comes to messing about Italians' pasta and de rigour ingredients, quick legislation and implementation is the result.
US lawmakers should consider the present agony of bailing out automakers ala the Italian Parmigiano example by answering just one question: is the automakers bailout as important to this great nation , as the bailout of the Italian Parmigiano makers?
Please, don't rush to a hasty conclusion...