Wednesday, 19 January 2011

From sheer panic to hate, the left keeps it up on Sarah Palin.

The tragedy in Tuscon was barely sinking into people's mind when a new assault began on Sarah Palin. First, it was the sheriff in Tuscon who had a rant about talk radio, television being responsible for the senseless murders. Then the broadcasting, blogging left put their 'crosshairs' on Gov.Palin. Why?

The euphoria of the Obama campaign winning in 2008 over the formidable Clintons was soon translated into winning the polls over John McCain. Then came the GOP convention and the bombshell annoucement: Sarah Palin nominated and accepted to be the running mate of John McCain!

A successful,working class, small town mayor, Palin became the Governor of Alaska. She was attractive, articulate, passionate, family oriented, pro-choice, not in words only, but by shining example, she was an immediate, national political star. The Obama machine was incredulous, after seeming unstoppable, the immediate polls showed McCain surging ahead for the first time. There were just two months to go to election and Palin was rescuing McCain's faltering campaign!

The scare, felt by both the Obama campaign and the supporting cast of the MSM,was now becoming sheer panic. Within days the counterattacks concentrated on destroying Palin. In addition to maligning and campaigning against "Bush/Cheney", Palin was added to the hate list.
Obviously, the measures to defeat McCain/Palin worked.

So, from the initial scare of Palin rescuing the McCain campaign, to Sarah Palin's ever increasing popularity today, the relentless campaign by the left media and Democratic operatives is to further marginalize, damage her at every opportunity.
They cannot understand or believe her immense influence on middle class America and are leaving no chances for her becoming, again, a formidable opponent to any Democrat in the future.

This is how the left evolved from the panic of the Obama campaign at first, caused by Sarah Palin's emergence on the national, political scene into the ongoing, permanent hate campaign against her. The 'scare' has not gone away, it will remain as long as Sarah Palin enjoys the following of millions.
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