Saturday, 16 January 2010

I used to be a fair cook, then I married...

and my cooking became redundant, as it were. My wife is a talented and courageous cook.Did you know that you need courage to cook really well, that venturing into unknown fields of gastronomy is full of danger, at least it's full of challenges?
So, I became a temporary bachelor in these past few weeks and having been accustomed to exceptional fair at home, I have resisted going out to eat more than necessary, which meant: cooking again.
Nothing exceptional in this, many men cook, and some are masters of the art. But I have noted after a few dinners how unintentionally international my preferences for food have become. A few examples (recipes forwarded on requests):
From top to bottom:

American cod,wild rice with mushrooms with wine sauce (Hungarian Cserszegi Füszeres)

Hungarian beef paprikash with American grits

American steak, cooked in the living room fire place (don't tell my wife, an important game was on tv)

Norwegian smoked,wild salmon farfalle with Russian vodka sauce

Hungarian bundas kenyer(aka french toast)with Canadian maple syrup
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