Thursday, 25 June 2009

A personal note on the events in Iran...

During the spring of 2007 I have spent some time with young fencing coaches from various countries at the University of Budapest,Faculty of Physical Education. I was helping the instructor with the translation from Hungarian to English ( the common language of all participants). I got very close to the personable Iranian fencing coach, A. He and I have spent some meals together after the classes. Never having any intimate knowledge of Iran I have been given a comprehensive review of Iranian society of the day (2007), the aspiration of her very young people. It was an eye opener. I was assured that the vast majority of Iran's population hated the oppressive theocracy that they were forced to live under. That her people, especially the young, some 65 % of the population just wanted a secular, free society and friendship with the world , including the USA.
The recent popular uprising against this oppressive regime bore out this notion I was privileged to hear from my new Iranian friend.